OS X Enrollment issues: Unknown error (fixed)

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I've spent the last few days troubleshooting some strange enrollment issues. I was having issues getting policies to trigger and was even seeing quickadd enrollment errors.

jamf policy was giving an error. there was an error.
unknown error An unknown error has occurred

the installation has failed

I moved the JSS to a new server and had the same issues. I reimaged, same issues.

After days of troubleshooting and long calls to support we found the issue. I had a bunch of policies that had the trigger "Enrollment". Once I remove the enrollment trigger on the multiple policies, everything started working. I guess it was timing out during enrollment and would never fully complete.

I hope someone finds this useful.



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@goof I've been trying to figure this one out for the past few days also. My quick add packages fails to install with that same error message. The installer error message was "The following installation step failed: run postflight script for quickaddpgk...."

I've checked to see if I had any "Enrollment" trigger but found none.

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@goof][/url The devices you have issues enrolling, were they already enrolled and you're trying to re-enroll?

I tested a few things this morning and this is my findings...

1- Reboot the JSS server. Result= Quick Add Package (QAP) installation failed

2- ran the quick add package AFTER installing the binaries successfully VIA terminal. Result= QAP installation failed

3- remove the framework on the client and reinstall the pkg. Result = QAP installation failed

4- removed the device from the JSS and installed the quick add pkg. Result = QAP installation successful

5- Reinstalled the quick add package AGAIN after successful install. Result = QAP installation successful