[OT] Exchange Server and iOS/OS X clients

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Hey guys. I wanted to get your feedback and experience on a topic most of us are familiar with - Issues with mail clients and Exchange.

Over the years i've worked in various environments where the Exchange Server infrastructure is usually one or two versions behind the current one, however still supported by Microsoft. I want to know if you've found that working with a current and patched Exchange Server provides a better client experience. This could be hosted, on premise or hybrid.

I'm interested in preventive measures and if keeping Exchange current helps the usual bunch of mail client issues, i'd like to explore it further. We're seeing a huge growth in personal devices which means clients can be far newer than our Server infrastructure. I know Microsoft support old versions of Exchange for current clients, but I wonder how much effort they put into improving client experience with older Exchange versions.

Any feedback on the topic is appreciated. Thanks!


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Well, first you have to be more clear about which clients?

MS's level of caring is kind of related to that.

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All the current popular clients which Microsoft support:

EWS - Mail for OS X, Outlook 2011 (Mac), Outlook 2010, 2013 (Windows)
EAS - All ActiveSync implemented clients, eg. Mail and Calendar for iOS, Android native etc.

Each client has it's own set of problems and ways to fix them. Generally it's a sync issue that reveals itself differently depending on the client, due to various factors such as item count, corrupt items, message size, etc.