[OT] Old versions of CS and newer OS releases

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Not sure how many of you run into this, but how does one handle Old versions of CS (3 or 4) running on 10.9 machines? We have departments that just keep transferring the license from machine to machine, and today they received new MBAir's which only run 10.9.x and they want to have their old CS4 license on it. I told them it would be minimal effort to support it because the software is so old, and that if they do run into problems, there's not really anything we can do.

Have any of you run into any caveats from running these old CS versions on the new OS?


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We don't have any users running CS3 or CS4 but we are currently on CS5.5 as a whole.

We are working to move to CC in late summer early fall but our position until we get there is that if Adobe won't support the product (CS5.5 went EOL on 12312013) our support will be best effort. CS5.5 runs ok on 10.9 its just not the best it can be because its 32bit.