Package (DMG) installation doesn't include license info

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Hi everyone,
I created a package (DMG) with Composer using the snapshot before-and-after method. I moved an app into Applications, opened it, and licensed it with a license key.  When I deploy this app via Jamf Pro, the app installs, but the license information isn't there. The package includes a few additional folders in addition to the app itself.

Any idea why the license info is missing and how to remedy this?


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do you know what directory the licensing info is stored and is that location listed in composer? Also some of these store machine specific attributes which could be your problem. Microsoft office comes to mind were a serializer .pkg must be run on the client device, just grabbing the license info using composer would not work. 

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@St0rMl0rD Friends don't let friends use Composer to snapshot an install and then create a .dmg install. Get yourself a copy of @arminBriegel 's Packaging for Apple Administrators and save yourself some grief by creating .pkg installers.