Package for 11.5.1


Anyone been able to grab the security update package for 11.5.1 both arm and intel.

Otherwise what is the package name look like when you run a softwareupdate -l then I can build a script to check if peoples machines are seeing it.


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There are no standalone Security Updates packages for Big Sur. Either you use the full "Install MacOS Big Sur" installer app, or you update via Software Update.

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I've written a script that pulls down the exact installer from Apple directly, downloads it to the Applications folder, installs it, and then moves it to the trash bin.  Yes it's a bit excessive but it has worked so far, in my environment I don't have any M1 Macs yet.  Below is the script:

sudo softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 11.5.1

There's probably an easier method but this is what I've tested so far and know it works.