Package upload does not complete.

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I uploaded my file as a package to the jamf server, but "Availability Pending" is displayed and the upload of the package is not completed.
* It was possible to upload without problems at 2019/08/28 12:00 (UTC).

Is there a solution to finish uploading the package?


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Hey @Yamashiro , did you ever figure out what the problem was? I'm running into the same issue.

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Having the same issue with a 500MB package. Any resolve?

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Hi All,
I'm also facing the same issue, I have 12 KB Pkg file which I uploaded and its giving me "Availability pending" error for such a small file, any thoughts. ours is cloud distribution point

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Are you using Google Chrome for uploading?

I've run into this issue several times and Jamf support tells me it's an occasional bug that creeps up when using Google Chrome to upload new pkgs. Whenever I get stuck at "Availability Pending" on a new pkg, I try uploading the same pkg using Firefox or Safari and it works. It's odd because Chrome still works about 98% of the time and it's my primary browser for all things related to our Jamf cloud, but when this issue randomly pops up, I try it again using a different browser and we're back in business.

Hope this helps.


I now have this issue with our Jamf Cloud instance. With all sizes of packages. The smallest being 200KB


Yep. Same thing for us. I'll open a ticket in the morning if it's still not working.


Ticket opened.

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Did you end up finding a solution?

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Got the same problem with Safari

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Just in time for me to be trying to convince the new company I am working for to abandon Addigy I'm dealing with this BS too. It's irrelevant which app I used to upload my package. What matters is that it should not take this long for a package to be available for use. My on premise servers never showed this. They were all using AWS.