Packages won't install

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I am new to Jamf and i have noticed that some packages aren't getting installed. Some are updates like CHromeFFAdobe Reader. Some are actual software like Google Earth and BBedit.

Instead of them going into Applications, they are being placed in the root folder of the drive. How can i get these to properly install?



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Hi @sbrammer,
I'd start by checking out the the Jamf Training Catalog. They have some great modules on using Composer to package your apps.

It'd be hard to troubleshoot without more info, but I'd guess you placed the app in composer like:


Instead of placing it in it's desired location:


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Did not use Composer as they were already a .dmg file that i just uploaded to Jamf. It sounds like even though i have the dmg file, i will still need to use Composer to make sure it's placed in Applications.

But i will also check out the Training Catalog.

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Composer is easy. Packages is a little more advanced. Repackage from TwoCanoes is the simplest, drag and drop to repackage:


If you download a dmg containing a pkg inside or a .app, then don’t place in Jamf admin. Open the dmg, place the .app into the applications folder, then drag that into composer, make a pkg or if the dmg has a pkg, use that pkg in Jamf admin. For the likes of chrome, first place in applications folder then into composer.
However I’ve come across some pkgs created using composer that just wont install and throw errors, for such situations is your best weapon. Incidentally for chrome and Firefox such for the scripts that you can leverage in a policy to install; saves you time.