Smart groups for Enrollment Invitations?


I am running into a couple of problems. We have a college that gives their students an iPad that is Jamf configured. This year they opted to allow students to "BYOD" but still use Jamf.

I am struggling here with Smart Groups. I have made one that seems to catch these enrolled devices using their "department" as part of the criteria. We have had some fail during the enrollment invitation so we started sending them our enrollment URL. I have had a couple of students enroll with that method but I have no clue how to make a group for that.

Also one of those self enrolled devices, the student's department is showing correctly as "Class of 2024", I have a smart group for "Class of 2024" and the criteria is that their department is "Class of 2024", but this iPad won't show up! I have no idea why, that's literally the only criteria. Any ideas?