Packaging Corel Painter 2019

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Hello Folks,

I was able to successfully package and deploy Painter 2017 and 2018. However, 2019 is giving me fits. Anyone here successfully package and deploy 2019?

I would love to get some guidance and assistance.

Thank you as always!



Did you manage to solve this?
If not, what issue do you encounter?

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I was able to create packages for Painter 2019 & now 2020 using composer. I created a config profile with the Corel kext & the package installs great - without that approved kernel extension you have to approve manually.

If anyone needs the Corel kext it's ZF6ZZ779N5

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With Composer, did you package it using a snapshot?

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I will second @srogowski ...Corel Painter is a bit of a bugger without repackaging. I tried working with Corel's support and they gave the the create_dta tool to use with our site license serial number. I could never get it to work on a single machine, let alone a fleet. What I had to do was snapshot install, serialize and launch and close the snapshot on my package generation VM....once I generated the package, I tested on an early adopter worked...sent it out to the fleet and it worked. As for the stupid kernel extension, it too is part of the same package. I made sure to add team ID ZF6ZZ779N5 to my Team ID whitelist ahead of time.

I hope Corel's Mac development team starts working on a better workflow for getting their product installed on a fleet of Macs. Given notarization hardening on Catalina, this workflow may not be a future proof one.

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With the snapshot method, I have not been able to get past SIP no matter what type of snapshot that I try. I have successfully repackaged it without snapshot, but the resulting package will install "successfully" on other machines, but the application will only launch on the original machine that it was packaged on. I can uninstall it and reinstall it with my new package, but only works on the machine that it was packaged on.