Packaging OSX Lion (with an answer file...)


I'm running into difficulty packaging the OSX Lion files in a way that allows me to customize the install.

With 10.6.3, when I import the DMG of the installer media, Casper Admin would:

1) recognize it:
2) and allow me to customize it:

With 10.7.4, when I import the InstallESD.dmg, Casper Admin will:

1) recognizes it in an identical way as it had with 10.6.3
2) but will NOT allow for customization:

Anyone got a way around this? And I know... There's already a bunch of info on this topic over at: But I'm not getting what I need from that thread. Which is a bummer maximus...

My goal is to be able to run a 10.7.4 installation over machines that already have 10.6.8 installed": effectively an upgrade-in-place. No wiping the drive, no installing a new custom image, just installing Lion. Dig?

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have you tried this?

check the treads here for details using this with self service.