PaloAlto GlobalProtect v6 Deployment via Jamf Pro

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Hi Folks,

I'm putting this here to try to be a little helpful. We just moved from v5 to v6 for GlobalProtect, and basically, the setup that we had that, installed the stock pkg from paloalto and relied on a config profile to set our default portal stopped working. I also couldn't get the app to stop an endless "connecting" loop. 

So for anyone who is having the same issue, I hope this is helpful. Long story short, you need to package an XML file that installs the system extension with the app pkg and then run a script to install both.

The GP release notes for 6.0.1 speak of a new Simplified and Seamless macOS GP app deployment Using Jamf MDM integration feature. The documentation is helpful but not comprehensive so I'll put it together here.




  1. Download the pkg and create the script that sets the preferred portal. You can find the script in step 3 of this page. (of course you'll need to change the stuff)
  2. Upload script to jamf pro, don't upload the pkg yet.
  3. Follow step 1 and 2 in this article to create a config profile to allow the system extension.
  4. Create an XML file called install_system_extensions.xml with the XML in step 3 of this article
  5. Make the XML file executable.


sudo chmod +x /path/to/file/​


  • Pick a temporary location to install the stock pkg and XML file... for example /usr/local/ works.
  • Create a directory in that area and name it something like GP, drop the pkg and the XML file in that folder.
  • Open Composer and drag the GP folder in the left side, rename your folder on the left side of composer. (so that the pkg name that you create is something more useful than just "GP")
  • Change the owner and group of the pkg and XML file so it's root:wheel and apply to all contents on both the pkg and XML file.
  • Create the pkg.
  • Upload the pkg to jamf pro.
  • Create a script that will install GlobalProtect and the SystemExtension, then deletes the directory that jamf installs from the package that you created. Upload this to jamf pro. #2 in Step 3 of this page has the install command... or I threw it in the script below.



#install pkg with system extension
sudo installer -pkg /path/to/globalprotectapppkg -applyChoiceChangesXML /path/to/xml/file -target /

#Delete directory
rm -rf /path/to/directory/that/was/installed

exit 0


  • Create a jamf policy and do the following...
    1. Add the package that you compiled in composer and set it to install.
    2. Add the script that sets the portal address to run before the pkg install.
    3. Add the script that does the installation of both the pkg and system extension to run after the pkg install.

This should do the trick! Again hopefully this is helpful! Good Luck!


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Config profile for SystemExtension wasn't set as "Install Automatically" but "Make available in self service", therefore, it didn't work. After change - works like a charm! Thanks for help @sintichn 

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Fantastic article! Works like a charm. Thank you very much for creating this article. 👍

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I'm following your steps, but global protect still prompt a window with "System Extesion Blocked". Any ideas what could go wrong? I tried everything I found but got stuck on that step...

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@jamf_wroblewski Let's see, I'm trying to think of all the things that could go wrong with a config profile so I spit them all about below.

I would verify that in your config profile in the system extension payload, the teamid is there and correct: PXPZ95SK77 but also that you have 


 in the allowed system extensions area under the team ID... after you enter that info you need to click the small save button that is to the right of that area before you click the big save button to save the config profile itself... Also, make sure that the config profile exists on the computer that you're testing this with. if it's still not working post a screenshot and I'll take a look!

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Yes, it is done.
I created xml file with content you used for deployment. I put it in the same directory as GlobalProtect.pkg via Jamf Composer. When I try to run it manually, everything goes fine. Even when I check the policy logs:


It seems like xml file does nothing. I checked ownership and permissions (root:wheel, chmod +x). And still - nothing has changed.


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Config profile for SystemExtension wasn't set as "Install Automatically" but "Make available in self service", therefore, it didn't work. After change - works like a charm! Thanks for help @sintichn 

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Oh my goodness, so happy that you figured it out @jamf_wroblewski. I feel like I always run into weird gremlins that put the kibosh on the end result all the time!

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Hi guys!

Faced the same endless connection.

Tested it with Ventura 13.2.1, GP 6.0.4-26 without system extensions and it works.

So PKG + script (without sysext xml) was enough for me.


root# systemextensionsctl list
1 extension(s)
enabled	active	teamID	bundleID (version)	name	[state]
*	*	483DWKW443 (4.0.0/764)Jamf Protect Endpoint Security Extension	[activated enabled]




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upd: had to switch to subj package + conf profile + script instead :/

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does anyone know why is this SysEXt needed to be installed VIA script and not MDM? seems counter intuitive.  

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I deploy script via MDM and it works correctly.  I just followed the setup here and didn't have any issues.  Deployed the config profile ahead of the install package.  Only needed a restart before GP would connect correctly.

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I know this is late - but did any of you guys run into issues with Global Protect and Jamf Connect? 

Even with no Pre-logon in place, once GP is installed it prevents access to the network on a Jamf Connect logon screen.

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@Birdseed , didn't face that issue. It could be your GP App configuration and Jamf Connect settings conflict. Review both as well as their logs.