Password Sync Issues

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I have a user that updated their AD password but when logging into the machine while off of the network, it is still using his old password. When logging onto the machine while wired into our corporate network, it uses his new AD password. What can be done to sync the password that the machine is using while offline? We have rebuilt the user's keychain a few times with no luck in getting the passwords to update. Does anyone know where it would cache a the password for login that it would only be using when not on the network? This is the first I have seen this issue in our org but we only have 40 or so Macs machines (all enrolled in Jamf management). Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @jbjahn

Wondering if you have received any insight on this since posting. We have been experiencing the same issue now more and more frequently and would like to know if you have made any progress.

Thanks in advance!

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@mlee @jbjahn Check our my post from earlier, I have a script in self service that resolves this frustrating problem.