Patch Management and Office Updates questions


We are looking at using Patch Management to update Microsoft office things.

For example we are wanting to test the waters with Microsoft PowerPoint.

We download the installers from the below link.

We get the serializer from our volume license server, so it is licensed.

My question is if i wanted to use Patch Management to update the office applications in this case power point.

Would i select the Install package or Update package?

What exactly is the difference? As far as package size goes they are about the same.

Could i use the Install package anyways since it would already be imported into the JAMF? this way i don't have two package for same program?




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Honored Contributor II

I would use the standard installers for this scenario, mostly to avoid duplication and possible confusion over packages.

That being said, MAU can be fairly scripted / automated these days so that might be an option for you as well.

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This site is great for downloading all the latest office apps and packages

I use the built in MAU (microsoft automatic updates) agent that comes with office. Jamf has all the settings built in now so you just need to pick and choose your update options and create a config profile to push out to your devices.