Patch Management Dashboard

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I've noticed that when patch management displays in the dashboard, it doesn't display the results in numeric order. Both the Version number and the number of Devices are out of order. Does this happen with anyone else's instance, or is there a way to fix this?

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You're not wrong. Does it for me too. I was just about to post a FR for this issue as well when searched and discovered yours. I can't figure out what it's basing the sort pattern from. 0f1e10d2439345adb75050d3acff96cc

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Like so many areas in the product over the years, Jamf continues to struggle with getting basic alphanumeric sorting correct, this time with the Patch dashboard reporting. I see the same thing on our server, and it's kind of mind-boggling. If there was some easy to discern pattern to it, I almost wouldn't care, but the fact that it appears to be completely random sorting is what irks me so. I'm not sure why Jamf as a company continues to have problems around this area in particular. You'd think sensible sorting is something easy to achieve in a world class product.