Pause EDU Profile Delivery

New Contributor III

We have a python script that pulls data from some text files (csv exports from PowerSchool SIS) and updates all of the classes in our JSS. The script first goes through and deletes all existing classes in the JSS and then creates a new class for each section listed in the text files.

Our problem is when it starts creating the classes, it will create one section and then send the EDU profile to those students. It then creates the next section, which may contain some of the same students, and sends another EDU profile. We have almost 400 classes being created and it tends to overwhelm our server when trying to send all of the profiles.

Does anyone know if it is possible to send a message to tell the JSS to pause creating EDU profiles while we are creating all of the classes and then send a message notifying the JSS when we are done?

Or does anyone have an idea for a better way to complete this task?