Permanent Dark mode setting


Hi guys, for those of you interested in making Dark mode the default mode for all users open the this hidden file:


and add this text after the first <dict> tag or however you normally like to write changes to plist:

<key>AppleInterfaceTheme</key> <string>Dark</string>

The Mac will then use Dark mode (dark menubar and dock) for all users and they will not be able to switch to normal mode even via the checkbox in the General System Preference pane.

Any other little User Environment tweaks out there you think are useful?


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No offense, but what would be the reason behind controlling this and not allowing users to change it? I can understand forcing some settings that relate to security, but this is a purely personal preference. Seems a bit draconian to force this on all users if you ask me.


It works for our video and audio post production labs of which we have many. It been welcomed by our staff as positive when projecting from their Macs. Its not a mode for everybody ofcourse, but works for us where we want to keep this look and feel on campus.

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I have the opposite need. I need to switch machines using dark mode to light and lock it down so it can’t be changed. We have software that doesn’t work correctly when dark mode is active.