Permanently delete configuration profile

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I managed to goof up and put some extremely sensitive information in a configuration profile. Thankfully I haven't pushed it out to any devices, but I'd like to remove the profile from the Jamf server. When I delete the profile I'm still able to access it by going to:

The profile IDs are sequential, so it wouldn't take a genius to find it.

Is there any way of fully deleting the profile?



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Sounds like it's still somewhere in the database then, but just hidden from the UI directly. I would probably reach out to Jamf support on this one. If you were using an on prem instance, my guess is there would probably be some MySQL arguments you can use to remove the remnants of it from the db. But since it looks like you're on a cloud instance, well, then I don't know. That's a question for Jamf I guess. Maybe it gets purged after a grace period, just to ensure that if anything got deleted accidentally they could still help restore it?