Phantom enrollments caused by target mode booting


Hiya all.

So a curious thing happened today where I looked up an employee's computer name for an unrelated issue, and found two such computers, one of which was a 2012 iMac that my company doesn't own. I had loaned her a thunderbolt cable earlier in the week so that she could use the iMac's monitor as an external display for her company MacBook when at home. Instead of doing cmd-F2 as she should have, she booted her company MacBook in Target Mode and then booted the iMac off of it. The JAMF agent on the MacBook's HD contacted the JSS through her iMac's hardware and created a record of an entirely distinct computer.

Now I'm wondering how many times this has happened in the past, either from power users bringing their computers home and getting creative, or from IT personnel troubleshooting issues. Not sure what can be done about it, and haven't given it much thought. I'm sure we could find away to identify issues like this. I was just wondering if this is a common phenomenon that you are all dealing with and I was just unaware of it, or of it's news to you too. It is bothersome to think we might be using licenses on this.