Please fix the CAPTCHA system

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The CAPTCHA system that was recently added to Jamf Nation is extremely frustrating. Between the ambiguous images (e.g. the entire rider must be selected for a "motorcycle" instead of just the machine) and that _every_ post seems to require a CAPTCHA response no matter how short of a time since the last verification it really makes Jamf Nation a poster hostile site. If that was the goal if implementing the system then congratulations. If it wasn't then please implement a more user friendly system.

Update: Ironically the CATCHA system did seem to remember my previous verification when I went to submit this post. Actually I take that back, by editing the post to add this update it invalidated my cached CAPTCHA verification.


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been meaning to post this. Surely those here with 100s of posts and lots of lovely shiny badges.. don't really NEED a captcha.. only visitors / new posters? 

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Hey @sdagley

Thank you for taking the time to express these concerns. The CAPTCHA system was intentionally added with the purpose of assisting with moderation in the community. I will make note of this feedback and discuss it internally with the Jamf Nation team. 



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I find the images rather obtuse. Some times the motorcycle is partially obscured by a tree or sheet of glass, and it seems random on if you need to select that tile or not. There have been a few posts I have given up on posting after having to process CAPTCHA for the 3rd+ time. It seems like its absolutely a step in the right direction, but maybe not the right step. Requiring someone to be logged in to post and hitting them with CAPTCHA at login would probably be better.


Two CAPTCHA's to make this comment.

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Thank you for this feedback @AJPinto! I