Policy Logs not showing in FireFox (currently version 71)

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Does anyone have an idea of how to get FF to load policy logs correctly? If i load firefox on any computer I can view every category under history, but policy just shows a blank pane. This issue has persisted for months so I keep going back to Chrome/Safari, but I thought I'd here to see if there is a work around or if there's something I'm doing wrong.

Issue persists w/: no plugins enabled (i.e. ad blocker)
in private browsing
fresh install
windows and mac
on several different networks (home, work, hotspot, vpn) dca039977c3f4840886601d618c9dd66


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I have the same issue, only with Chrome. Firefox displays the logs for me.

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Sorry to dig out this old thread but I had the same issue with Firefox and finally I could pinpoint the root cause to the "I don't care about cookies" and/or "I still don't care about cookies" extensions. It works fine with this extension disabled or after whitelisting the specific Jamf instance. If you don't have these installed then it might be other settings in FF related to privacy and/or cookies. Hope this help anyone!