Post Script / Adding Admin Name & Password

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As part of our organization's requirements, we need students to input Admin credentials when they first launch the application. To streamline this process and reduce the burden on our technology department, I'm exploring options to automate the initial setup. Specifically, I wonder if there's a way to implement a post-script that includes the ADMIN USERNAME AND PASSWORD, allowing our students to use the application without manual intervention. I understand the importance of security and confidentiality, so I'd appreciate any guidance on implementing this in a secure and compliant manner. If there are alternative approaches or best practices to achieve this goal, please share your insights. Thank you for your time and assistance in advancing this matter. I'm eager to find a solution that balances ease of use for our students with the necessary security measures.


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Honestly, this really depends on what "The Application" is and why it wants admin access to launch for the first time.


Untimely the best approach is proper app control. There are tools that can automatically promote and demote binary's to/from root. Scripting may prove extremely sloppy or not possible at all depending on what is going on.