PPD options in Sierra

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Hi all,

when installing a printer in Sierra using

/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p MyGreatPrinter -E -v lpd://my.print.server/print_queue_1 -P /path/to/PPD -o SomePPDOption=true

everything looks and works fine.
However, when adding a second printer with

/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p MyOtherPrinter -E -v lpd://my.print.server/print_queue_2 -P /path/to/PPD -o SomePPDOption=false

Sierra will use the same value for "SomePPDOption", even though they are set to different values.
Imagine you install one "Duplex" and one "Simplex" printer, it will always use the duplex setting for all installed printers.

When looking at the setting with

lpoptions -p MyGreatPrinter -l

the values are correct though.
This doesn't happen in 10.11 and earlier.

Anyone else seeing this?

EDIT: I should add that it only starts behaving wrong after you have actually printed to one of the queues.