PPPC - SystemPolicyDocumentsFolder Missing

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I'm having an issue where I'm trying to create a PPPC Profile but the option to allow or deny SystemPolicyDocumentsFolder is missing from the JSS. What's interesting when you use the PPPC Utility from Jamf it's in there. If I export the profile from PPPC Utility and upload the profile to the JSS it excludes Documents as an option. Anyone else running into this issue?1c821f9f535a4344829f297988277caa


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Hello @rmorse

Thanks for the post. You are correct that the Documents option for PPPC is not in the Jamf Pro GUI at this time. This issue has been identified with the following ID: PI-007530

The work has since been completed and will be available in Jamf Pro 10.17.

Until this gets into the product you could sign the profile, then upload to Jamf Pro and leave it "read-only" or grant access using the SystemPolicyAllFiles which covers all of the other SystemPolicy* values including Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Network Volumes, Removable Volumes and Admin Files.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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I appreciate the quick response. Thanks!