Prestage enrollment and uploading packages


Hello JN,

New to Jamf Pro and have tons of questions on how to setup Prestage, uploading packages and associating profiles to my nib new computers.

I setup the settings in my Prestage Enrollments, (account settings, etc), but how to I setup the enrollment packages? When I configure the Enrollment Package it says I have to add packages. When I get to the New Package window there is no option to upload my package and I think the issue is bc there is no DP.

So I went and setup the Jamf Cloud DP and select Jamf Cloud and set as Master DP and still not able to upload packages.

I'm going in circles! Any insight is greatly appreciated!


New Contributor

Is the package uploaded to the shared distribution point? I think you can try JAMF admin, which is the auxiliary software of jamf pro.5ac638eb4528494f9e99c1b4ea503bf7