Prestage Enrollment Variables

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Are there variables that will work in PreStage Enrollments for Mobile Devices?

I was hoping I could add

$ASSET_TAG to the Prefix or Suffix fields in the PreStage Enrollment > Mobile Device Names, but it isn't working. Instead I get a name with $ASSET_TAG. Not helpful.

I do have the Asset_Tag field populated.


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I don't believe that variables work in PreStages, but they do in iOS config profiles. Eg, you're able to use $email in a config profile to add a Gmail account. This will then prompt the user to enter their password when the device is set up.

If possible I'd love to see this functionality to Pre Stages

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I could see the benefit if the JSS had that variable populated in it elsewhere, but most of the time with a prestage it doesn't. I'll vote up, but in the meantime, can I point you to the JSS MUT tool? JSS MUT

This tool lets you import things nicely using API calls and a spreadsheet. The Jamf that created this is a good an helpful guy who develops it on the side. This is how we got our tags imported if it helps.

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I use the JSS MUT to do batch importing (although I am exploring FileMaker Pro to replace the JSS MUT).

I would like the variables in the Pre-Stage so whenever I erase an iPad, the name gets put back in. I don't want to use the JSS MUT to change the name of 1 iPad. I would rather have it part of the PreStage since the information does already exist.

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We name the iPads after the user which Jamf knows as we require credentials for enrollment. Could easily set the device name with a variable in our case but as already stated, variables don't work in PreStage.