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I updated to JP10 this morning and have been playing with the new Patch Policies and Google Chrome to see how the function. I created a policy to update Google Chrome automatically with a 15 minute delay timeout. After running a sudo jamf policy it p...
So I'm currently selecting to use authentication when people enrol their Macs into JAMF. Where I'm running into issues is where new employees start and requiring them to to auth with LDAP creds (AD) during the Setup Assistant. Because these employees...
Hey, not sure if this is a particular DEP issue or more so to do with macOS but I'm wondering if you've seen the following. I'm starting to get a lot of new Macs shipping and while they are added to a particular PreStage, they do not immediately pick...
When enrolling a Mac via a QuickAdd.pkg, are there any downsides of using one generated via Recon vs one from User-Initiated Enrollment where said user needed to put in their LDAP creds to download the package? I have about 30 Macs in the org that ar...
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