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Hi all. Since the last update, on our console web page, the "Refresh" button as disappear on the PreStage Enrollments tab.

When adding new serials on Apple MDF, we used to apply the refresh button to force the serials into the PreStage Enrollments availability.

As this been removed or it's a bug?


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It was removed and is now updated every 5 minutes automatically. So the longest you'll have to wait is 5 minutes. Personally I don't like this because I like to bulk remove + add devices via Apple School Manager to update their prestage enrolments. Now I'm going to have to wait 5 minutes every time:

Improvements to Computer and Mobile Device PreStage Enrollments Significant improvements have been made to computer and mobile device PreStage enrollments. This includes automatically refreshing information, improved handling of settings and the scope of a PreStage enrollment, and improved syncing with Apple. As a result of the improvements, the following changes have been made in Jamf Pro: Jamf Pro automatically refreshes information about the computers and mobile devices in PreStage enrollments and Device Enrollment (formerly DEP). If there is updated information about the devices, this information is displayed in Jamf Pro. This information is automatically refreshed every five minutes. As a result, the Refresh button has been removed from the Jamf Pro user interface in computer and mobile device PreStage enrollments. Note: Depending on when information was updated, there could be up to a five minute delay on the information refresh. This delay can result in outdated information in Jamf Pro. In addition, environmental factors could affect the information refresh. The Jamf Pro user interface now displays the last attempted sync with Apple for a Device Enrollment instance and a PreStage enrollment. Jamf Pro now alerts you to simultaneous editing of computer and mobile device PreStage enrollment settings. This can prevent the possibility of overwriting changes made to the settings. You can now enter a custom email address in PreStage enrollment settings. The Department and Phone Number settings are no longer required in a PreStage enrollment.


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Your answer is very appreciated. I guess i should have seen that in the update.

Have a great day.

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This kind of change is almost the same as the change Ubiquiti did with the Unifi Controller, but at least Ubiquiti still give the option to re enable it back and even adjust refresh cycle. Its the little things, you wouldnt think you will need, until it's gone.


FR is on its way

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This removal has SEVERELY impacted my workflow!! Please put the button back!!

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I voted on the FR as well but gonna bump this too. This has severely altered my workflow...and for no reason. The refresh button always worked and didn't require waiting 5 minutes for changes to happen :(.

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Our company has recently switched from Xinca MDM to Jamf and the lack of a Refresh button is one pain point that we're experiencing. I really miss the Refresh button that we had in Xinca. Can you please bring it back in Jamf?
Most of our DEP enrollments are done remotely using AC2, with a user on the other end of the phone line... so waiting for that 5 minute cycle is long and hard on the patience!

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I also need refresh button back. EDIT : we need to fix this, it' showing intermediate state. it's unassigned but assignment checked9a6a34e683a44a63bd719c4493ca28d6

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I’d be curious to know why so many people want it back.

In our case we had instances where the refresh button inadvertently undid a change that another admin had recently made to a PreStage Enrollment, causing much dismay when the Mac failed to present the Remote Management screen during setup.

Now that it’s automated we no longer have to worry about this happening again.

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@UESCDurandal The main reason for us is when we want to bulk change a prestage enrolment (100s of iPads) we find it easier to unassig devices from DEP in Apple School Manager. We then refresh DEP in jamf to remove these devices. We then re-assign the same devices back to DEP so they full into the ned Prestage enrolment that we've created (making sure the prestage enrolment has add newly added devices to this prestage enrolment). Once we've re-added the devices we have to refresh DEP again. Now we have to wait up to 10 minutes which isn't a whole lot of time but when you have to setup 20+ different prestage enrolments this becomes a lot of time.

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This will drive you mad when you are troubleshooting a problem.