PreStage enrolment keeps looping through installing profiles


As per subject. Suddenly my new MacBook pros are looping through "installing profile ..." I left it sit there for a solid 40 minutes. I only have 19 configuration profiles but saw it loop through the same 19 ones again and again without fail.

The only thing that is changed is that Apple now ships their machines with 10.15.5 out of the box. Anyone seen this?


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i think dep is broken right now, jamf told us its our macbook airs but i'm seeing people all over say pretty much all models

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@vanschip-gerard This is an known PI. Post switch to HTTP/2 we are seeing PI-006212 - Errors during device configured check can lead to infinite(ish) loop. Device will be stuck in DEP process but once we delete the DeviceConfigured command from failed commands on the device it will go through and enroll properly.

So when erolling device, search that device and go to commands and cancel the DeviceConfigured command and it should proceed enrolling.