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We have our lab environment setup printing to a windows server. I use Casper to deploy printers, but am noticing that not all the paper trays are showing up on the Macs, even though they are set on the server side. Is this something I am going to need to adjust manually on each machine (Sheesh, I hope I don't have to touch all 160 computers) or is there an easier way to rectify this?

Thanks All!


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I believe the Macs don't receive the proper driver because the print server is a Windows Server. I had to install the drivers and make sure the printer is using them. Our printers are from Canon, so I installed the family pack on everyone's MacOS device. Then, I used the lpadmin command to install the printer and point it to the ppd file for the specific model.


lpadmin -p PrinterName -E -u allow:all -u deny:none -D PrinterName -v smb://PrintServerPath/PrinterName -P /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/SpecificPPDFileForTheModel.ppd.gz -o auth-info-required=negotiate -o printer-is-shared="False"