Printing with non-binded mac


How can I add printing job to Printing Server Queue "windows server" ?

* Mac and Printer are using same network.

*  Mac is not AD binded

* Am using my badge or AD logins to start printing on the Ricoh device "highly preferable".

* manual solution is to be mas deployed using Jamf


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To print to a Windows print server, without doing anything on the server, you need to use SMB, which needs to be authenticated. If you can install "Print Services for Unix" on the server this allows LPD (can be unauthenticated). To actually add the printer to the Mac, you can use /usr/sbin/lpadmin as the key part of a script or in jamf Settings > Computer Management > Printers.

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I have a Ricoh/Equitrac setup in my environment. We I believe we had to ensure that the line daemon printing service was enabled on the Windows server. Then I added the printer via IP Address, select Line Daemon printing  and use the Generic PCL driver. Once the printer is configured import it into Jamf Pro via jamf Admin.