Private apple IDs blocked after MacOS 14.2.1 update

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Hi there, 
I am looking for some help. I searched but did not find any hint, regularly people search for a solution to prevent the use of private Apple IDs on Macs, and I am looking for a solution to re-enable it for certain devices.
We have a configuration profile in place with Restrictions and the respective Functionality settings that prevent all computers from adding private apple ID. In the Scopes, the device groups are linked that are allowed to bypass the restrictions. Again for such, the allow list is also a configuration profile.
This worked quite well for the past three years - now out of the blue I can still see that the private Apple ID is registered on the device, but the majority of services stopped working, and when clicking on the Apple ID in System settings, everything is grayed out and a message on top says "Account changes are restricted by a profile."
Does anyone have experienced similar or know a solution to recover?


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Check your configuration profiles, I'd focus on any functionality or restriction Configuration Profiles. However, I very strongly recommend not allowing users to use personal AppleID's on enterprise owned devices (don't even use managed AppleIDs for that matter).

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I did not change anything, it just simply stopped working. And yes, you generally want to prevent private Apple IDs on corporate devices. But we have our use case for it.