Pro Tools plugins

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Does anyone else manage a lab with Pro Tools? I got Pro Tools running and licensed okay but the staff gave me 15+ plugins they wished to be installed (PKG & AAX)

Can you please share any methods you use for Pro Tools plugins?

Thank you in advance!


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Only dealt with .pkg and just push them out after Pro Tools with a policy.

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I have a few plugins that I install. I captured the install using Composer. This semester with the new version of Pro Tools, some of the plugins were rejected by Pro Tools. In that case, I just made a script to remove them.

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Yes we use Pro Tools and have to install lots of plugins during imaging.

Because of the number of plugins I found the simplest thing was to just host the pkgs on a network share and have a script that just processes each file and installs them. We use the Air Studios plugins which also have a lot .big content files so the script also copies these down at the end of the pkg install phase. So far this has worked fine. I can share the script if you want.