Problem indexing packages and adding printers to Casper admin


Some insight from anyone who may have experienced this behaviour will be greatly appreciated..

For about a fortnight now I have been experiencing some strange problems with Casper Admin related to indexing new packages and adding printers..

The indexing problem only applies to new dmg packages: I can successfully bring new packages in to Casper Admin, add them to policies and install on clients without any issues. I can also tell Casper Admin to index and make changes to a dmg (e.g. change priority number, FUT, FEU, allow Casper to uninstall etc) and it does that without complaints. When I save and restart Casper Admin however, the package is shown as not indexed. All other changes I may have applied are saved though. The problem continues in the JSS, with the package previously indexed ( and specified as ok to be uninstalled) not being made available to uninstall...

Another issue, which I am sure is related, is when trying to add printers via Casper Admin. I get an error: "There was an error creating the new object in the JSS". The printer appears to be added despite the error but of course it disappears after a restart and it is not available in the JSS.

I suspect a problem in the database but I am not sure where to look.. I have run all the diagnostic tools in the JSS (in Database/Web Application health) and I have had no errors returned.. I updated the JSS to 8.72 yesterday, and also reset permissions in the Distribution Points, hoping this would resolve the issue but there is no change at all.. Besides this particular issue I have a fully functioning ( and well performing) JSS / Casper Suite setup.

Our setup is on Casper Suite 8.72 hosted on Ubuntu 12.04 VMs. The JSS and Database are split on separate VMs.

I do suspect this is related to the database but I may be completely daft and miss something very obvious...any advise form experienced SQL / Linux gurus is more than welcome!