Problem installing webclips on IOS 11.2.x

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Since the introduction of IOS 11.2.x we've seen an issue where configuration profiles with webclip payloads won't install. The error seen is "The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format". Removing the webclips payload allows it to be applied. We're running on-premise JSS 9.101.0. Is anyone else seeing this?


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Has anyone found a fix for this issue? I'm getting the exact same thing on iOS 11.4

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Scrap that, looks like it is a problem with the config profile that Jamf Pro creates. I set one up with an identical payload using Configurator 2, uploaded it and it works great.

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I use webclips from the JSS on 11.4 without any issues. Also, it is a good idea to separate all of your payloads into different config profiles. (ie. restrictions, content filter, web clips, etc.)

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This is still an issue. I have a support case in but, try to see if people are having this issue, and what they did to resolve. I am on prem and on the current version of Jamf Pro. I'll also ad this problem started after I upgrade to the current version of Jamf Pro.

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Any solution to this issue, we start seeing the same behavior on random devices

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Check that Safari is allowed and that the webclips have the exact same naming convention if you are using the restrictions payload and Home Screen Layout. One of the things that helped me because I was creating a very restrictive Config was to "Block some Apps" instead of "Allow some apps". Then the webclips appeared. I think this is due to the fact that if you use "Allow Some Apps" instead, there's no way to tell it to allow webclips, so they get blocked by default.

Hope this helps, it helped me.