Problems with Dropbox when whitelisting its kext

New Contributor III

I have the Dropbox kext whitelisted via Jamf, but on first run Dropbox still prompts the user to approve it in System Preferences and won't proceed until they do (which of course they can't, since it's already approved). The only way out is to close the window and click the button saying functionality will be limited.

It will then proceed to sync all files locally even if I set it to online-only. The only way to get it to be really online-only is to unsync everything with Smart Sync and then resync it. At that point everything works as expected.

Anyone else seeing this problem? Any good solutions? I'm considering removing the whitelist entirely at this point.


Contributor II

I've seen this on some versions... I've found that it thinks it's not approved, but you can immediately go to Dropbox folder and change to 'online only' - as you noted, though you don't need to wait until it fully syncs locally (if you are). I've got several TB of data shared with me so no way I'd be able to let it complete first!