problems with nested smart configurations

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Anyone else having problems with Casper Imaging handling nested smart configs? It's creating two recovery partitions whenever I select a smart config whose parent is also a smart config. Was on Casper 9.12 and I'm not sure when the behavior started. My structure is as follows: Base config, then a smart config called "Deployed Macs" that uses Base, then a smart config under "Deployed Macs" called "Faculty Macs." When I choose the 1st-level smart configuration in Casper Imaging I see that the correct partitions will be created (mac hd and recovery), but when I choose the 2nd-level "Faculty Macs" it's creating two recovery partitions. I upgraded to Casper 9.22 and it's doing the same thing. As a workaround I ditched the nested smart config and created it as another smart config, one-level under the base, which is fine, but thought I'd share that this is happening in my environment. Am I missing something obvious?


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@agurley, how are you creating the recovery partition?

Also, have you seen this on more than one Mac?

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This behavior is a confirmed defect:
D-006001: Multi-nested configurations duplicate partitions set in the parent configuration

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Any idea if this is going to be fixed soon?