Progress bar on logout installs of cached packages


I have several policies that install on logout for which I would like to add a progress bar. This would be so that users have some kind of status other than a black screen . Does anyone have any solutions for this?


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I'd be interested as well.

I wonder if this could be accomplished with cocoaDialog?

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cocoaDialog can't display over the login screen that I'm aware of. It used to be able to, some OS X versions back, but Apple has been steadily tightening the security screws and making it harder (nearly impossible now) for 3rd party apps to do anything over the login screen without having the proper authorization to do it.

Its possible one of the forks of cD thats out there can do it. I recall @loceee coming up with a fork that was able to do some stuff over the login screen, but I'd have to dig to find the link again.

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Best I could do is a modified jamfHelper script.

I just set the trigger to logout.


PATH=$PATH:/Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/

# Run a fullscreen jamfHelper window and put it into the background

jamfHelper -windowType fs -icon /Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/office2016.png -heading "Office 2016 Updates" -description "Microsoft Office is being updated. Your machine will take longer to logout than usual." &
PID=$!      # Get the pid of the jamfHelper command
sleep 30
kill $PID