Putting Cisco AMP and AnyConnect into Self-service

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Hi Everyone,
I want to put Cisco AMP (latest) version and AnyConnect (Version 4.8) into Self-service into self-service for Mac Big Sur.
But the problem is that I have dmg files, not pkg and after clicking on install , it doesn't install anything.
Can you please guide me ?


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I have also tested the "New and modified snapshot" in composer and created it from scratch but when I try to install it through the self-service gives me this error:

Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is Cisco AnyConnect 4.8
installer: Installing at base path /
installer: The install failed. (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. An unexpected error occurred while moving files to the final destination.)


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@Professional You may find this older thread on deploying Cisco AMP helpful: Deploying Cisco Amp v.1.9

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thanks so much, but now I need help for Cisco Anyconnect 4.8

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I am currently deploying 4.9.05042. here is what I am doing
Expand the AnyConnect.pkg
Pkgutil --expand AnyConnect.pkg ~/Documents/AnyConnectVPN
then I opened the Distribution file inside of the expanded package and look for these type entries
<choices-outline> <line choice="choice_vpn"/>
Leave what you want and delete the ones you don't
After saving the Distribution file, I flattened the package.
pkgutil --flatten ~/Documents/AnyConnectVPN ~/Desktop/AnyConnectVPN.pkg

This should work on any version. Only problems i have had is making the package with a different name. It will always fail the install. But complete it and after you get the new package made then you can change the name and add a version to the name.

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We package up the AnyConnect.pkg file along with a Choices.xml file that allows us to only install the components of the AnyConnect installer that we use (VPN only for us). You can see the simple post install script we use in my response here:

Installing Components of Cisco AnyConnect 4.7

And if you're deploying to macOS Big Sur, you'll want to use at least version 4.9.03xx. And I would suggest reading their bulletin:

AnyConnect BigSur Advisory

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Thanks guys, will check them and give the result here.