Question about JAMF Admin logic

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Hello, we are preparing for Jamf 11.6 upgrade and losing JAMF Admin.

Our JAMF Pro is on-prem with local file distribution point - so the way we are going to manage packages is copying it directly to distribution point folder, then creating a matching record in JAMF Pro packages.

Recently I was going through a list of our packages, and noticed some of them have format, not just pkg or dmg. Moreover, when I tried to re-upload new versions of those apps packages as pkg - JAMF Admin converted them to again, while the size of those packages wasn't big.

Do you know, why is JAMF Admin doing that?  And what are the possible consequences if we upload just pkg, not for those apps to distribution point in future, when JAMF Admin is gone?

Thank you!


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@Pioneer Regarding why some .pkg files get wrapped as a .zip, there are two types of .pkg files - "bundle" or "flat". A flat package is a single file containing the package contents, but a bundle .pkg is really a folder containing the package contents, so when uploading it's converted into a .zip file.

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When Jamf Admin is gone you will be able to use Jamf Sync to upload. I have tried it out and it works great, set up a folder on the Mac you want to upload from and simply drop your files in there. Then run Jamf Sync.