Quickadd: The Installation Failed -- But still enrolls


We are seeing the installation failed message at the end of installing the quickadd package. The machine still gets enrolled even tho we get this message. We are on 9.82.

Packages created by recon and user initiated enrollment. I started to notice this after we updated to 9.82



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We have the same exact thing.

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is MDM Capability status "YES"?

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I get one like this from users enrolling via the web portal if any part of the enrollment fails. Check the policies you have added for a failure. Mine is adding a local admin and also to file vault when filevault is not enabled yet so that is why I see my message. Everything else works fine.


I generally see that when MDM fails to activate for some reason. You can run sudo jamf mdm to enable MDM.

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I submitted a ticket for this to Jamf support, and they had me go back and create a new QuickAdd.pkg from version 9.8.1. I've tested it on several machines and had no issues. I was getting the same pop up, even though there weren't any error listed in the /var/log jamf.log. If you want to re-run it on a machine, uninstall the jamf framework first, sudo jamf removeFramework, then run the new quickadd.

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If you go up to the Window menu when you have the installer up, you can choose Installer Log. Set the popup to "Show All Logs". In there you can find the issue, or share here and we'll point it out. Most likely, Recon failed to run for some reason, which happens after enrollment.

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I've got the same issue on several machines. On each, Recon failed, stating ssh failed to create a session with host