"Pre-staging" a machine to ensure the ComputerName stays the same

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With the dawn of APFS I am trying to get imaging completely out of my workflow. Im running into an issue where I wipe a machine with an external disk, and once that machine is added back to the JSS it has stripped that machine name and manual steps have to be taken to get the machine back into an intended group to receive its configuration.

Anybody running into this or have any known good solutions to naming Macs to ensure the name stays the same before wiping a Mac?

Thank you so much and have a great day!


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Probably much more complex than your looking or but we have a script that pulls the name from an external asset database based on it's serial.

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I have a simple policy that does a check in to reset the computer name to that in the JSS. Hope this helps?


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Just to make sure I understand, the machines are already enrolled in the JSS, and have a proper name. You're looking to ensure that after a wipe and re-image that the machine gets the same name as it had and not something generic? Do I have that right?