"Setup User" login after image

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So I am testing an image on a machine and after boot when it got to the setup assistant I wasn't there to interact with it for a bit. For some reason, when I go to wake the machine up it wants me to log into a user called "Setup User" and I have tried every password I could think of (including blank) and nothing is letting me in.

Has anyone seen this before?


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@Goober22 That user, is part of the "Mac buddy" setup assistant that first came with 10.11.

The password is random, but you'll be able to power off the Mac & back on with no issues.

I think I saw this more when enforcing a screen lock, but.. basically.. if setup assistant left & setup user appears... restart.

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Does anyone know of a way to stop this from happening or whats causing it?

I've only recently seen it and had the same issue. Haven't changed anything in the JSS as far as I'm aware of. Annoying as it is, would rather get ride then have to worry about restarting each time.

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Has anybody else seen this and found a way to fix it and have it stop happening? This just started randomly this past week.

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I usually just force restart the machine, haven't really found a better fix for it yet

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If you know the password of a local admin you could use option+enter and enter the local admin account with its' password. I wonder if there is a way to execute caffeinate during the imaging to prevent the screen lock?