Random "private" and "Library" folders.

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Hello everyone, we've been dealing with a strange bug that creates a locked "Library" folder, and a "private" folder when we push a policy that drops a file or folder onto a computer. They don't seen to cause any issues, but they do look messy. Has anyone else seen this? We are running MacOS 10.14, and Jamf Pro 10.22. Thanks in advance!




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@JT_from_Sweetwater When you say "drops a file or folder onto a computer," are you using a .pkg or .dmg installer created by Composer in that policy? If so, it sounds like you've captured more than just the file/folder you wanted to put on the computers in that installer.

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Thanks for the response! I am going to start digging through some of our older policies, and see if there are any creating the folders.

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Hi there, I get the same issue since creating the last few packages. I only put one file into the composer and create a pkg to enroll this file to a specific directory. While the rollout runs, the two directories where created automatically . My workaround is at this time, to delete them with a script. At this time, I am playing around with the settings of the composer app. I think the cause for this behavior is somewhere there.