Ratings and Reviews are now available on the Jamf Marketplace!


Hello Jamf Nation,

I'm excited to share updates to the Jamf Marketplace with you!

When signed in with a Jamf ID (the same account you use here on Jamf Nation), users will have the ability to leave Ratings and Reviews. This is a great opportunity to share your feedback with the Jamf community and developers. If you've found an integration or tool that makes your Jamf/Apple experience a little bit better, make sure to give it some love!

Want some ideas on where to start?

We can't wait to see the Jamf community engage with us in new ways. The feedback and direction you'll be providing to the MacAdmin community is invaluable. We can't thank you enough.

Sam Weiss
@jamf_sam here and on Twitter

Psst, Jamf Heroes...

Make sure to check your challenge board for a related activity. Not a part of Jamf Heroes? Sign up here! 




Wow, the reviews are rolling in and they're great! Here are two for the Jamf Healthcare Listener.

Thank you to everyone that's submitted so far, and we're excited to see more come in! Want to contribute? It's easy!

Simply navigate to the Jamf Marketplace, ensure you're logged in with your Jamf ID (same username/password you use here), navigate to a listing and click the Ratings/Reviews tab!




Thanks  @jamf_sam   The reminders for heroes is great!  The Marketplace has greatly expanded since I was in there last, so it is great to look around at all the very useful integrations available,