Rearrange order of "inventory display" columns in reports?

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Greetings JAMF Nation!

Apologies in advance if this has been covered and I've just missed it. I'd like to know if there is a way to rearrange the columns I choose to display when I check the items under "Inventory Display". I provided a screenshot to try to explain what I'm my example, "last update" is the second column but I'm asking if there is a way to tell jamf to display that one at the end. So "name" then "model" then "OS" and finally "last update".

The end goal is to export the reports into an Excel spreadsheet but I'd like to not have to rearrange everything in Excel after it's exported. Would be nice to have it report in the order I want to export it.



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I'm another person who would like to rearrange the columns in Inventory Display report. The current arrangement is makes it difficult to use the data presented. I would like the serial number and asset tag next to the Name followed by the iOS Version.

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I also miss this feature...

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There is no way to do this unfortunately. I believe there is an existing Feature Request that asks for it though.

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Hello Team,
Arrangment of display inventory coloums should be there. We need this feature request.

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I wanted to reorganise the columns as well - they appear in a random order

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The original request is almost 4 years old. That's unfortunate. I'd like this feature, too.

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I would also like this ability. It is definitely something that should be a basic feature.