Recommended start size of database for 300 users


I'm just starting on my setup prior to installation. We have the Windows Server VM ready to go. The environment requires that databases be run off of Linux - regardless - that system is built as well.

My database administrator is looking for a suggested initial size of the MySQL database for 300 users.

I personally have never configured it under Linux - so I ask because I assume this is something you have to specify when creating the first database.


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Just create the database as per the install instructions. For 300 users, the DB should be very small.
We have never personally set the database size manually.

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I think a good rule of thumb for database size is that too much is never enough. Since the database is a critical piece of your Jamf Pro server setup, if that were to run out of storage at any point, you'll be in for a bad time. There are also times where the database will start to bloat without warning (i.e. hitting an issue where devices are spamming commands) and if the database isn't sized for those potentials, the server could tank in a hurry. If you have the storage to use with your SQL server, go ahead and give it as much as you reasonably can. Chances are very slim you will use it all, but it's much better to be over-sized when it comes to your SQL server.