Recovery partition creation via JAMF

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Hello Team,


Is it possible to create a recovery partition on mac clients via a JAMF policy? We have few mac devices where recovery partition is missing and FV key too. I want to reissue those FV key to escrow in my JAMF console. Any idea will be appreciated.


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I would suggest reinstalling macOS as it would fix both if the issues you are seeing.


  • If you are missing the FV key the devices were likely not enrolled with Automated Device Enrollment, or something was wrong when FV Enabled and the key failed to escrow. 
    • Disable and reenable FileVault should fix this
  • Messing with the recovery partition for macOS. Recovery is protected by SIP and generally beyond reach from within the GUI. In the past you could use Core Storage commands and a full OS installer to rebuild the recovery partition, but I don't think that is possible anymore. 
    • You can try some of the old guides out there and see if they work still. 

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So in modern macOS no option to create recovery partition via  a JAMF policy you want to mean?