RedGiant Plugins Usage

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Hi Everyone,

We use the Adobe products and some packs of plugins with it.
We are using Red Giant Suites with a Floating license server where we can see which suite is in use.
I need to know if there is a way to see in JAMF which suite is in use and how much time it has been used.

Something similar to the picture attached

Thanks in advance



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I'm fairly familiar with the Red Giant plugins, but the usage information is tracked purely by the server, not the client. Clients also keep the suite license active once the first plugin is loaded until you quit After Effects or Premiere. There is an included utility (rlmutil) that can be queried to get license information/usage out of it, but this is a "live" look at the in-use licenses on the server and you cannot query historical data. We're tracking historical information by running a query every 5 minutes and exporting that data to an Influx database and using Grafana to model the data (we're mainly interested in total concurrent license usage). Trying to query and store this info in the JSS would be complex to say the least, but I suppose you could run a script on your RLM server on a set interval to parse the in-use licenses and then the Jamf API to store the "in-use" licenses to the machine records in a designated custom field… Tracking time in-use will be much harder though without either storing the check-out time and doing fun date math.