Reenroll Macs into new Jamf Pro server


We have a number of subsidiaries that have their own, on-premise Jamf Pro instances. We're wanting to move them into our Jamf Cloud instance, within their own site. What I'm not quite sure about is the process of unenrolling them from their existing Jamf Pro server and then enrolling them into our Jamf Cloud instance. It's my understanding that the approach previously taken was to generate a QuickAdd package from the "new" Jamf Pro server and then deploy it from the "old" server. However, I don't believe that's a viable option these days.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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You are essentially migrating these device to a new JAMF server. You really only have (maybe) two options.

  • Reprovision the Macs after getting Apple Business Manager sorted out.
  • Redirect their JAMF Server URL to your JAMF Server. However, you would need to also migrate their database you your server which I am not even sure is possible without overwriting your database. I suggest contacting JAMF on this one. They would need to handle the MySQL migration anyway and probably already have a solution for merging JAMF Servers. 


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