Reenrolled Mac report in Jamf

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How can I generate a report to know how many mac was reenrolled and how many are freshly enrolled? Any ready made criteria is there? I cant find in jamf, if it is there then please mention the name.


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JAMF only records when a device was enrolled last, and updates that information with each (re)enrollment. Beyond trying to guess at an age of initial enrollment based on the device record ID, there is really not anything you can do to gather this from JAMF. 


If you have API connections with JAMF Pro, a SIEM or other inventory application could report on when the record was created initially. 

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@Asifahmed , one thing comes to mind.  If you wanted to know how many "freshly enrolled" machines you had, you could report using a built in criteria, Last Enrollment.  That criteria is a date which indicates the date the device was enrolled into Jamf, so you could use it in a smart group with criteria "Last Enrollment - After <some date>" and that would report newly enrolled devices.  Hope that helps. 

That was another requirement and I did that too.

But now my client asked me to find the mac devices enrolled freshly and reenrolled after a specified date. I am stuck here.

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Jamf doesn't have a criteria to fit what you're looking for here.

Best I can think of is a device report before and after the dates you're looking for, and do a diff on the two exports.